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More than any other automobile, Henry Ford’s Model T transformed the way Americans lived, worked, and traveled. What Glenn Embree did, perhaps better than anyone else, was portray the beginning of the romance that would become a timeless affair. It was through the Model T that America really experienced the automobile for the first time. These Vintage Ford Magazine covers, produced by Glenn over three decades, depict the relationships that ordinary people had with the Model T. They captured a variety of scenes, reflecting a bit of old Americana, and a sampling of the ways that people used these cars. In these scenes, one can sense the simple joy of discovery, the giddy attraction that mellowed into a relationship based on admiration and respect. The affair has been well documented, but Glenn Embree captured the moment that America fell in love.

Glenn F. and Eric Embree, son and grandson respectively, grew up accompanying Glenn on his photo shoots, and observing his creative talents and the genuine love he had for classic cars. They have compiled this book to insure that Glenn’s marvelous photographs will be available to Model T enthusiasts everywhere.

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